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Kick up your Heels

This is my entry for ArtPrize 2013.  You can visit my piece at the Women’s City Club in Grand Rapids from Sept 18 – Oct 6.  To vote for me: 55463.

One of my favorite themes to explore is dancing people. It is always a challenge to portray their uninhibited joy as they dance on the glass panes. Someone looking in the window of my studio may find me standing in an awkward position while I try to figure out how to capture that movement using glass pieces, buttons, beads and glue. It is meant to make you smile and remind you of those moments when you dance just for the heck of it, when everyone is the most graceful dancer of them all. In this piece I thought about the full moon and how on clear moonlit nights we get imbued with a sense of joy and frivolity. So I have pictured the full moon, the clear night sky with the stars above, then some light cloud and a little mist rising from the ground below. And underneath all that beautiful night sky, children and an adult or two are running and jumping and dancing across the hilly dew-wet grass – kicking up their heels.

Kick up your Heels

Kick up your Heels

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2 thoughts on “Kick up your Heels

  1. Robert Robinson on said:

    Extremely nice Pamela! Love it. By the way, have you got names for the people?

  2. No Robert! Too small to name

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