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the watersplash no 2

IMG_0123Here it is, after much hoo and hah.  This is my 2014 ArtPrize piece.  It is water tumbling through and over a small ford or watersplash.  You can see the trees and the bushes overhanging the stream and the small swifts skimming across the top of the water, looking for insects or small fish to catch.

My entry will be in the Womens City Club on Fulton.

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17 thoughts on “the watersplash no 2

  1. Julian A. Martinez on said:

    Pamela ! Is Watersplash 2 still available. I saw it at Art Prize. Let me know. Thanks Julian

  2. Julian A. Martinez on said:

    I am …

  3. Julian A. Martinez on said:

    I believe she was asking $500 for the piece? Is that correct ?

  4. I’m not sure if you got my response. Yes, I am asking $500 for the piece.

  5. Julian A. Martinez on said:

    Patricia, I am interested . Probably closer to Christmas if you haven’t gotten rid of the piece. Where are you located ? Thank you

  6. I am located in Eastown Grand Rapids. I look forward to hearing from you. Pamela

  7. Julian A. Martinez on said:

    Pamela 😀 I would like to send you a check. Please cash it and I will make arrangements for pick up either myself or a girlfriend of mine who lives in Grandville. She is familiar with Eastown. Can you send me an address to send my check. Thanks Pamela . Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving….

  8. Julian
    Thanksgiving was bittersweet as a young friend died unexpectedly the day before. My address is 328 Auburn Ave SE, Grand Rapids 49506.

    I hope your Thanksgiving was happier.

  9. Sorry – and make the check out to Pamela Benjamin. Thanks

  10. Julian A. Martinez on said:

    Thank you Pamela. Let me know when you have received my check. It looks like I’ll probably be in GR Friday the 19th or I could pick the piece up Saturday the 20th.. Thanks again

  11. Julian A. Martinez on said:

    Pamela. Have you received my check ? Please let me know. Thanks

  12. Dear Julian

    Your check arrived this week and my husband banked it yesterday. I am really sick and this is the first time in 5 days I have sat down at my computer, so I am sorry for the lateness of my response. I hope to be out and about again by Saturday.

  13. And of course, many thanks for purchasing my window – you can tell that my brain is not working properly, can’t you? Its the flu medication.

  14. Julian A. Martinez on said:

    Pamela. Hopefully you will feel better this weekend. Thanks for letting me know. If I could I would like to pick up the piece next Friday morning the 19th, if that works for you? Here is my cell number 719-648-3730 if you need to text or call me. Thank you

  15. Julian
    I have a commitment on Friday morning, but my husband will be here so you can come by and pick the window up. I will be out from 9:15 to noon, so I will probably miss you. I am sorry to miss meeting you but I am happy knowing my piece is going to a great home.

  16. Julian A. Martinez on said:

    Thanks Pamela. I’ll probably be there around 10-10:15am

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