Windoworks Glass Art

About my art

Hello, and welcome to my site. My name is Pamela Benjamin. I am a native of New Zealand, relocated to Australia as an adult and now live in west Michigan, in the U.S. 

I began working with glass and windows in 2006. I use glue to attach textured glass, stained or colored glass, beads, buttons, found objects, and bits of jewelry to framed windows. I primarily work with windows that are antique or reclaimed from older homes. My designs are meant to evoke movement and happiness, and in general have a very organic, flowing feel to them. I typically create windows using one of the following themes: deep space or the night sky; naive or folk art that includes trees and barns; dancing figures in the style of a harlequin.

Contact me if you would like to purchase a window!

  • Each window has a name;

  • includes a “shoe” or shoe icon;

  • is a piece of art; and

  • is hand-crafted.

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